Your home for UQ student content
Welcome to the University of Queensland Publication Society! PubSoc is UQ's home for student content and content creators, covering writers, publications existing and aspirational, and all creatives.
PubSoc was founded in 2019 with the understanding that the best academic institutions in the world have thriving student cultures that encourage and empower bold and creative initiatives. We believe some of the most vibrant and impactful student work comes in the form of campus publications - from powerful exposes and thought-provoking reflections on society, to groundbreaking young artists and storytellers.
This view underpins PubSoc’s mission to incubate and network student talent at UQ. With dozens of distinct student publications and hundreds of contributors from every faculty, the raw talent and enthusiasm found at UQ is phenomenal.
Our objective is to provide the financial, logistical and strategic support necessary to develop strong, self-perpetuating communities around UQ publications. By creating a collaborative ecosystem on campus through grant funding, social & vocational events, and extensive networking of the student body’s brightest and most passionate talent, PubSoc will be instrumental in developing a world-class creative and journalistic culture at UQ.
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